30 Days Left for Your Final Push!
With only 30 days left in 2016, it's time to 
finish out the year STRONG!
Here's the deal...
You commit to being on the training and applying the tools I share, and I will show you:
  • How to have more FUN while you're accomplishing your goals.  
  • How to speed up instead of slow down for the final push of the year.  
  • How to create a plan to push to the next level of success for you. 
Join me Nov 30th at 7am PST/10am EST

"Make your 90 Day Deal Now!"

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Here’s what people just like you are saying after taking Michael’s training: 

This weeks Summary - $26,500 closed business - $52,500 new business under agreement - New website online - Videos re-branded - New Webinar at transcription - 900 Postcards delivered - Pre-recorded message uploaded and attended to. Bottom line, I do just a little better than the last week each new week. Thank you so much Michael.

Dan Newcomb

Since working with Michael I find myself more sure of my decisions, more capable of making small to huge decisions and completely relaxed with the outcomes they create. I'm more comfortable in my own skin. Thanks Mike

Steve DeMarco

I've been taking massive action!!  I'm becoming the leader I know I was truly meant to be.  Another great thing is that the more I work with Michael, the focused I become on creating the results I want everyday.

Eileen Cohen

I have become more decisive, gained confidence, and realized that I really can live the life I want to live.  I have also learned to really live my life which I'm amazed I never did!

Dena Altamore
Meet Michael Bernoff
Michael is the President and Founder of the Human Communications Institute, a leader in personal and professional development. He works directly with people who are committed to transforming their lives and business people who desire to transform their corporate culture. His passion for this work is limitless and his dedication to positively impacting the world by empowering every individual is uncompromising.
During his own journey of self-discovery, Michael studied and modeled effective leaders recognized worldwide. He has an uncanny ability to take their philosophies, strategies, and techniques, ones that have consistently produced rapid and lasting change, and boil them down to specific actionable steps. By combining a variety of these proven disciplines and his own strategies, Michael has created programs that enable anyone to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve a life beyond limits.

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